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Being An Artist With Tom Judd

Apr 30, 2021

Host Tom Judd speaks with Eileen Neff about how literature has influenced her work, including the poetry of Wallace Stevens.

Neff, a Philadelphia based artist, began as a painter until she discovered photography was the pathway to her expression as an artist in the early 80s. Known also as a sought after art critic and...

Apr 16, 2021

Born in Brownsville Texas and raised in Mexico City, Ray Smith emerged as an important voice in the 1980’S post modern reinvention of painting in New York city,  along with his friend Julian Schanbel.
Ray is best known for his large segmented paintings, his elements of cubism and surrealism, and his work with...

Apr 2, 2021

Two powerful artists by themselves , the married couple love to mix it up including collaborating on paintings and sharing ideas about art and artmaking.

Established contemporary artists, they are both published writers and love to play music together. The interview reveals an expansive studio practice between their two...