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Being An Artist With Tom Judd

May 28, 2021

Brooke Larsen has had a remarkable career that includes single handedly starting an art program at the Richard Stockton University in Pomona, New Jersey in the early seventies. He was the only teacher! Then, after moving to New York City, he became an integral part of the early eighties art scene in New York. Along with his artwork, he became one of the most important frame designers and makers of this generation of contemporary artists' work.
In 1991 he reluctantly took an offer to teach a Saturday afternoon class at the School of Visual Arts. This turned out to be a revelation for Brooke in rediscovering his passion for teaching. 
Thirty years later he is still teaching at SVA and has become a legend for his engaging projects that challenge and inspire students to go beyond their limitations. In 2018 he taught a semester at the School of Creative Arts in Shanghai Tech University and had a show of his work. 
He has kept up a vigorous art career throughout exhibiting in galleries and museums. Wherever Brooke Larsen shows up, or whatever he does, he brings his passion, commitment and sense of humor with him.